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Welcome to Centennial Airport's online training page. Here you'll find current courses applicable to  employment with the airport or one of our associated tenants. Keep in mind, these courses are Centennial Airport-specific and may not meet the needs of other airports or other off-airport employers.

APA Stormwater 101

APA Stormwater 101

A Stormwater Management Plan (SWMP) is a requirement of Centennial Airport’s Industrial Stormwater Permit issued by the Colorado Discharge Permit System and is an essential part of our continuing efforts to protect the environment. The SWMP describes:

  • Specific waste generating activities on the airport and their location
  • The associated, impacted outfalls
  • Quantities of materials
  • Best Management Practices
  • The sampling, inspection, and documentation requirements of the permit.

To remain compliant, we need YOUR help! Centennial Airport has put together this training video so you can take it at your convenience.

The best way to prevent contaminated stormwater is by good housekeeping, best management practices and recurring employee training. To complete this course and receive a certificate, watch the 20-minute training video and then take a short quiz at the end. A certificate will be emailed to you and your training will be recorded by ACPAA. You may provide a copy of your certificate to your supervisor.


EMAIL COURSE ADMINISTRATOR: Gina Conley, C.M. Senior Planner